Best EOT crane manufacturer in India: Krishna Crane Engineers Crane and Hoist Company

The engineers at Krishna Crane Engineers Crane and Hoist Company comprises a team of experts who are proficient in developing a manufacturing EOT crane manufacturer in India. Since 2005 we are supplying high-quality products Single Girder EOT Cranes, Double Girder EOT Cranes, Flameproof wires, Jib Cranes and Gantry Cranes. If you are looking for high-grade cranes, then have a look at the different kinds of cranes we offer.

Single Girder EOT


These kinds of rigid cranes are usually employed to work in units where there is a need for massive metal shifting. These cranes are used for manufacturing and maintenance of applications. The entire management of this kind of shifting is completed with the use of overhead cranes. These kinds of cranes make the process of shifting heavy applications easy and quick. In fact, the body of the crane is resistant to corrosion, and all the withered parts are easily replaceable. Few pieces require nominal maintenance. These kinds of cranes can endure a lot of pressure, and the performance is divided among the workforce.


  • These are appropriate for lightweight or medium weight duty applications.
  • The cranes use a rope which is double grooved and placed at higher levels; this makes the shifting convenient.
  • Cranes have an inbuilt safety tool which is at par with the modern technology to give you a smooth operation.

Double Girder EOT

The Double Girder EOT is used for heavy duty application shifting. It has optimum efficiency, caters to minimum loss and is also safe to use. This kind of cranes are strictly made as per the duty classification standard –IS 3177. The double girder cranes are built with designs that are durable in nature for conducting heavy lifting and can load 1 to 50 tons of goods. The entire stretch of these designs is 1 to 40 meters.  These kinds of cranes are employed in industries who deal with wind power sectors, chemical engineering, automotive, shipbuilding, warehouse, rolling mills and many other types of industries.


  • These types of cranes use alloy steel which makes the body of the crane hard and gears are cut with accuracy.
  • The entire gearbox is crafted for foot mounting, and it has a horizontal split line. This aspect makes the work convenient, and the maintenance is also easy.
  • You can change the lifting capacity and the speed as per your need.
    The wheels of the crane have an L type housing which enhances the performance.

JIB Crane

Apart from the other two cranes, these kinds of cranes are quite easy to use.  They are cost effective cranes and helps the operator to conduct seamless work. Jib cranes help you to move the goods in the region of the workplace with great ease. These kinds of cranes are versatile in nature and have vibrant designs which offer superb mobility. The best advantage is they are one of the only weightless machines which work in a factory or industrial production area. To operate the JIB cranes, there is no need for specialized training or knowledge. Anyone who works in a factory can work with Jib cranes.

Gantry Cranes

These kinds of cranes are having easy installation process and work with unmatched technology to give you the best of the products. They are built in such a manner that they provide a sturdy look along with nominal dead weight. There are some kinds of cranes which do not have adjustable height. At workstations which deals with heavyweight applications, the lifting and shifting are not possible with one beam; therefore, gantry cranes come with two beams which is the best for big industrial factories.

These are some of the best available cranes which are built as per industry standards with superb quality and assured safety. Our quality of services corresponds to the kind of products we deliver. We are having more than 12 years of experience, have more than 1000 satisfied customers. The company has more than 1 owned office in India with 21 plus dedicated engineers. Reach us for all your EOT crane requirements, and our experts will take care of your requests and needs.