How To Prevent Major Crane Accidents

Most of the crane accidents occur due to human fault. These do include all of the men who maintain the property and the crane operators likewise. Crane operators need to keep all of the risks in mind and try to prevent the accidents which happen to occur due to carelessness. The EOT crane manufacturers in India say that being a bit careful can prevent many of the unfortunate happenings.

The primary reason for which crane accidents occur is the failure in communication between the project manager and the crane operator. Often these accidents happen when the operative of the crane fails to follow safe work practices and procedures.

A crane might look like a simple machine but it should only be handled by professional, and no one else otherwise fatal accidents might occur. In order to prevent these crane accidents, some of the processes which are mentioned below should be followed:

Inspect the cranes annually

An annual inspection each year is mandatory so that there is no fault with the crane and even if any is there it is fixed as soon as possible. The expert operators often find it shocking when they find out that they have pushed the crane to its limits. At the same time, they discover that crossing the boundaries has damaged the crucial components of trains and which might eventually lead to the failure of the crane and leads to severe accidents.

Check out for field hazards

The accidents can not only occur due to the failure of components but sometimes some issues in the work field can also lead to severe problems. Inspect the site you will be going to work for such dangers and make possible arrangements to avoid them.

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Understand that every crane is different

Making a complete plan is a crucial task where the workers need to understand that one lift is very different from the other. It is very much essential to know about the limits of a crane, and how much weight it can lift and height it can reach. Not all cranes are same. Each crane has a different working procedure and methodology.

Discuss the plan

The need to communicate the plan over from the site manager’s desk to the crane operatives and the workers is mandatory. They need to be fully informed about all of the processes which are to be taking place and thus work accordingly.

There is no option of saying no to plan

The plan must be followed no matter what! Most of the accidents occur when the program to which everyone has agreed to is not followed. Such arrangements are made for the security and proper functioning of the machines. So, it is important to follow them to successfully accomplish the project without letting any danger to come.

Don’t avoid the ground conditions

The ground condition should be known beforehand the crane is placed because not all cranes are suited in every ground condition. The composition of the soil should also be identified because the crane is a very heavy machine which needs solid rock hard soil to be placed upon.

Know the radius

The swing radius is the arc where the boom and counterweight move. The area that comes within that radius must be closed and covered. A control zone needs to established to prevent the possible risks. Moreover, regular inspection is important to find out if there is something that could collide with the boom. If any obstacle is introduced, every worker should know about it and must be removed as soon as possible.

Know the proper way to use the crane

The crane should be used in a proper way. Many of the operatives often use it for sideloading for which the crane is not made. Cranes are only meant for vertical lifting and it should be ensured that it is followed. Using it the wrong way stresses out the crucial components which lead to the weakening of the parts and they may eventually fail to work.

Stay in connection and communication

The operator and the other workers must be in contact with radios, hand signals, air horns, or any other means.

Focusing is key

Last but not the least, the crane operative and the people working nearby the construction site should always remain focused with the job they are provided with. The lack of focus is also another issue which might cause a fatal accident to occur on the site.