How are cranes able to lift heavy loads without toppling?

Cranes are a blessing to heavy industries as they help the workers to lift heavy weighted machines and other items and make it easy for them to transfer these from one place to another. Cranes come in a variety. There are mini cranes, rough terrain cranes, barge-mounted cranes, all-terrain crawler, tower cranes to name a few. Each of these crane work on a specific mechanism that makes them lift the weight very easily without toppling. The several means to lift the load without toppling are:



Each crane that works on this mechanism utilizes the same amount of weight as that of the one it is going to lift when the crane is working on a large radius. The weights that are utilised are assembled at hte rear of the cranes so that the crane can balance the weights well.

In this kind of cranes, you need to ensure that the counterweights are put down when the cranes are not working as the counterweights can have opposite effecting thereby making the crane lose its equilibrium.

Good foundation

Whatever the structure may be, all work on a solid foundation. If the foundation is strong, the structure will last longer. When we talk about such concrete foundation, cranes cannot find an escape. Whether you use a fixed crane or a mobile one, the surface where it is placed should be able to bear the weight. For example, the tower cranes always use a reinforced engineered surface to which they are bolted. For very tall structures, these cranes are even tied up to each floor that provides it with the lateral support.

Training and planning

The entire safety systems of the cranes are not worth until it is operated by an experienced operator. The more trained the operator is, the better are the chances for the crane to lift the loads without toppling. Before the new crane arrives at your business site, proper planning has to be done with respect to who is going to handle the crane, how it is being fixed and so on. The main operator and the assistants must be given proper training so that they can handle the crane even it is malfunctioning. Even if you talk to your crane manufacturer, he will be able to guide you for training.


The modern and contemporary cranes are fitted with sophisticated systems responsible to monitor each movement of the crane. The crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad can limit the capacity of the crane according to the system so that the crane never exceeds the safe lifting capacity. With the help of the software, the crane is controlled properly and it can bear the weight without toppling.

Given these means and methods, it becomes very easy for a crane operator to lift heavy loads and transfer them very conveniently. For further inquiries on this, you should connect with your crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad and know the working mechanism of the crane you are about to purchase.

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