Questions One Should Ask While Finding The Right Air Chain Hoist


Model is the most important thing to consider while finding hoist for air-powered applications. Hoist manufacturers in Ahmedabad present a variety of equipment but choosing the right one is your duty. No matter you already own a hoist and want to replace it or you are a first-time buyer, there are some questions you can ask while purchasing your new one. It can be assumed that you already have compressed air if you are out in the market to buy a hoist and it is confirmed when you are buying to upgrade your capacity. Here are some questions that need to be answered to find the right one.

Check what you have?

Do you have the important requisites to properly power the hoist? Air pressure and air volume are must to power the host properly. Similar to electrical hoist which uses electricity of certain voltage and amperage, air hoist needs proper air pressure and volume. If any of the two is not available or is low, the equipment will not work properly.

What are your basic requirements?

It is important to know your requirements before buying something. The two factors that must be considered initially are required capacity and lift. Knowing these two you can decide which one you need out of push trolley, hand geared trolley, and motorized trolley. If the load is pushable with hands, push trolley is good for you otherwise you can consider any of the remaining two. Mostly, the priority is to use the most basic equipment and for that, the rule of thumb for the trolley is used.

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What is the environment of application?

Knowing the environment of application is most important. It the environment hazardous? There are some factors you need to consider. In someplace like the USA, NEC is used as the code for hazardous locations. Some rules need to be followed to install a hoist in such locations. Some precautions are also required in order to avoid huge problems.

Do you want it for continuous production?

Now, this is about your work. However, the air powered hoist is best suited when you require a large number of cycles. The air motor gets cooled due to the air flowing through it continuously and thus there are fewer chances of heat overflow. There is not much problem with air powered hoist as all are prepared to work in heavy cycles but make sure you mention your requirements in RFQ to get the best suited. Mentioning the expected usage will let the seller provide you with something better.

What are your criteria for brand and budget?

Do you prefer the top of the line brands? Do you want the equipment with the best quality? You must know your budget and brands perforations first. Sometimes what you need is a equipment that has everything you need and then the brand and everything else doesn’t matter that much. Or if you trust a particular brand, let the seller know. Quote your budget, delivery date, and every other information to make things run smoothly.