Various Hoists and Their Uses In Industries


In the recent construction industry, the need for hoist manufacturers in Ahmedabad is much important since they are able to produce various important equipment for multiple construction work. These equipment’s seldomly work on their own but mostly they are just attachments to various cranes through wire or wireless connections. They are highly specified for loading and unloading jobs.

Some of the examples for these hoisting equipment for various lifting purposes are as follows:

Manual Hoist:

These machines are also known as Lever Hoists or Wire Loop puller. It is usually operated manually which is in turn used to bring up heavy loads and weights. The mainly used as a Hoisting equipment. This machine is powered by hand chains.

Chain Hoist or Electric Hoist

This machine is used for lifting heavy loads and cargo with the help of a chain or rope. A powerful motor is thus required in order to power up this structure. The function of this chain hoist or electric hoist is to lift or the lower the materials by means of a drum. The load is attached to the hoist via a hook like structure. These hoists are not portable although subscribing to an annual maintenance package for these hoists could help you to take care of these machine in a proper manner. Lifting mechanism such as a cog, axle, shaft, gear, and sprockets are being used in order to keep this hoist intact and working at all times.

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Construction hoists

These hoists are mainly used in the construction industry where manpower fails to be of any help. These hoists could life up various heavy weights and loads. Some of the functionalities of this equipment is to act as a man lift at the needed and preferred construction site. Transportation of the material is made much easier form lower to higher grounds or vice versa.

Mining Hoists

These hoists are generally used in the mining industry. The main purpose of these equipment is for Lowering the miners to the mining caves and also various essentials such as food water and supplies to the people working there. It is also used for bringing up the mining products to the ground level.

Air Hoists

These hoists are mainly used for lifting up the goods or materials in the air and thus transport them from one place to the other. It is mainly used for lifting goods into shipping yards and docks.

Magnetic hoists

Magnetic hoists are such equipment which could lift up huge iron materials without the need of the power of a motor. Its main uses are to lift iron material. This Equipment is best for moving materials with a flat surface.

Scaffold Hoists and slings

This equipment is used for lifting lighter weights of 100 to 300 kgs only. This machine is usually suspended. Its main functions are to lift low weighing loads. It is mainly used in small warehouses and also helpful with cranes which lift very heavy loads.