Services and features provided by manufacturers of double girder crane in India

for long time. Its capacity for lifting load is higher than single girder crane. These types of cranes are widely used by big industries to lift heavy load applied in the workshops. It is quite suitable where the requirement of crane to be fitted with walk-ways, crane lights, cabs, magnet cable reels and such unique devices.

There are many manufacturers and suppliers for double girder crane in India. They produce different types in double girder crane as per clients’ requirement. When you have a need for double girder crane, first go through all its aspects and find the best for your usable.


Features of Double Girder Crane:

  • It has capacity for load lifting is around 250MT
  • There is a system of barrel winch construction for vertical lifting
  • VVF drives are applicable for alternative
  • Pendant and radio remote services are also implemented
  • As per safety concern all motors are TEFC with class F
  • Appropriate for long term load duty lifting situation
  • Its speed and lifting power is adjusted by your requirement
  • L travel housing indicated to make long travel easy

Range of Double Girder Crane:

  • All most manufacturers provide  1MT to 200 MT range
  • Standards maintain by requirement of IS 3177, IS 807 and IS 4137 norms
  • Speed is preferred by clients’ own requirement
  • Class duty II and III applied for more convenience
  • They facilitates for multiple hoisting running on same bridge

Types of Double Girder Crane:

  • Under slung cranes
  • Two beams type double girder crane
  • Fully customized open winch type crabs
  • Cranes having different capacities from 1MT to 250 MT
  • It is available in both electric and hand operated type overhead
  • Plate fabricated box type crane
  • Double girder top running bridge crane
  • Flame proof cranes for big refineries

Services & Maintenance: 

Many manufacturers provide phenomenal services for their products are as below:

  • They renders services for repair and maintenance of hoists in which maintenance services are included with breakdown, periodic maintenance and annual maintenance services
  • Also tackle for worn out parts of hoists or materials
  • They provide complete after sales services
  • Give Free installation for EOT cranes
  • Provide full satisfactory solutions to clients’ for any problems regarding their products.


All most of the manufacturers and suppliers of double girder crane are ISO certified so when you go for their product there is no need to be worried about safety concerns. You will also not have any risk for their durability.