Any electric wire rope is obviously a machine and so it is important to maintain and inspect them regularly and properly. Therefore, we understand when to change electric wire rope for good life span of a machine.

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Every company should keep periodically wire rope maintenance of it. There are many statutory or regulatory agencies, which requirements should be fulfilled. In a case their requirements are not prevailing in your wire rope, you should inspect it properly. There are many electric wire rope hoists in India who manufactures good quality hoists and cranes.


  • It is essential for any employer to maintain their wire rope properly. Its working condition will decreases if it damaged, maltreated, overloaded or not truly maintained
  • Consider one thing that no wire rope used or applied without design factor permission and full knowledge.
  • A wire rope will wear out if overtime load uses on that so, always take care to maintain the strength of a rope otherwise it will decrease.
  • It is important to keep average load on a rope never apply over load or higher than determine by design factor.
  • Never give sudden load on a wire rope it causes for damage of an electric wire rope. It is not the right way to give shock load force on a rope.
  • There should be lubrication in a wire rope and periodically change it for good strength of rope.
  • If a wire rope is new or unused always, apply minimum breaking strength.
  • It should be considered by a design factor for minimum or normal breaking strength if it reduced and it is not similar for all machines as well as work force so determine from design factor for your actual use strength.
  • Regular inspection of a wire rope is most important for wire rope good life and a qualified person signed by OSHA should inspect it.


  • For any wire rope its abrasion, bending and removal are important factors to inspect.
  • A qualified person inspects a wire rope is properly installed or not and after proper inspection allows a rope for a regular service. If there would be any degradation in its strength, decision given by a good inspector to keep a rope in a service.
  • During inspection, it is found that there are broken wires they should be removed with full knowledge and carefully.
  • Know the exact part of broken wire and then bend it from backward and forward. If more than, one or two wire broken it is safe to change a rope.
  • Visually inspection of wire rope is also a good method of inspection it is done every time for starting a new shift.
  • Rope measuring is an important factor for inspection process. Rope diameter is compared with original diameter and comes difference between them it shows that there is damage in a rope.

Areas of testing based on ISO 4309

  • It should be proper testing for when to stop a rope.
  • A qualified person should test for broken wires.
  • They should examine corrosion.

When to change electric wire?

  • If more than three wires broken in a pendant standing ropes in one lay length
  • If is damaged by heat on a metal part.
  • Wound on drums and passed through sheaves six or more broken wire on one lay length.
  • If Support is missing in diameter, workload, or sizes.

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