Steps for choosing the right jib crane for your application


When there is a requirement of shifting of a object from one place to another then there is a requirement of jib crane. The perfect solution to decrease the workflow through its horizontal jib that supports a moveable hoist. Jib crane are cheap, works quickly and efficiently and are easily operable for lifting and lowering the loads from one area to another at an individual location. In market there are many types of jib crane with different styles and there are many jib crane manufacturers in ahmedabad.

While selecting the jib cranes certain things need to be taken care:

1.Potential of the crane

Firstly determine the capacity of lifting. The lifting capacity is always higher than its weight. To avoid the accident or any injury and take care of the performance of the crane the maximum weight of the application should never ever exceed the designed weight.

2. Level extending Boom

Before selecting the crane one needs to recognize the distance between the size of the hoist and the covering area of the distance covered by the boom.

3. Universal level

The level of the jib crane is determined after installation. Any other attachments, such as electrical or mechanical provide the grib to the crane for the free rotation and access from any barrier.

4. Time period

The time the hoist take to lift the object is the distance between the floor and the hoist and the time factor gradually increases as the length of the hoist increases and it also depends on the weight of the object.

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5. Boom Spinning

According to the need the selection of the crane is done. In market there are various degree rotation crane are available. The mostly likely used cranes are free standing jib crane and wall mounted jib crane. The free standing jib cranes can rotate up to 360 degree on its inner and outer arm where wall mounted jib crane can rotate up to 180 degree on its outer arm.

6. Electricity needed

Many question arises before buying the jib crane. Will it consume more electricity? How much it will consume? From which mode the power will be supplied to the crane? The power will be supplied from bottom or top.

7. Weather Proofing

How can we protect the jib crane from weather effect or any other climatic change.

8. Establishment

Different types of jib crane require different process of installation. Installation of jib crane is tough task and to reduce the cost of crane one needs to assemble the crane at the spot. Free standing crane require concrete foundation on a concrete thick slab whereas wall mounted crane requires wide flange beam against the steel columns.