Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Jib Crane


Jib cranes are often considered as the best solution for a small area. These functional pieces are of great use for material handling. This equipment can be used anywhere within a radius of 20 feet and therefore, this considered best for small areas. The load capacity of jib crane varies between 100 to 10,000 pounds which means they can be used for nearly all purposes. According to the jib crane manufacturers in Ahmedabad, this equipment normally costs between $1000 to $20,000. If the equipment looks best and you are ready to buy it, have a look at below things and be sure to know if you are really ready.

Do you have access to electricity source?

The jib cranes with electrically powered hoist, electricity source is a must. Also, an electrical disconnect is also mandatory that too in the reach of the operator. Different types of jib cranes require different electricity source and you must know the suitable one for the one you are planning to buy. The base mounted jib cranes have a slip ring collector to let the equipment rotate 360°. The outdoor ones are fed with electricity from the bottom and the Indoor ones can be fed from either bottom or top. Also, the ones that move less than 360° or say column mounted jib cranes need a power cord to receive electricity.

Are Looking to Add New Cranes & Hoista in Your Warehouse

Be ready with a good budget for concrete foundation

Consider a base mounted jib crane which requires cutting of concrete and excavations are a complicated process. You need a mason to perform this job which costs you according to the time spent. The poured concrete foundation for jib crane requires the supply of jib quote and anchor bolts which is also an expensive process. You can either hire a separate contractor or ask the jib crane supplier for these services.

Hook coverage is necessary

The jib cranes that require rotation like column mounted (0°-20°) and base mounted (360°) need some extra space. The distance at the end of bloom from the center of rotation is called span and the hook coverage is defined by the movement of arc in degrees and length of the trolley. Check all the areas that require services and make sure the hook coverage reaches all these areas.

Upgrades will be required for outdoor use

The industries give an enamel finish that is enough for only indoor use. If you want to use them outdoors, an epoxy paint followed by a top coat of urethane is useful. For the dockside jib cranes, galvanization is the best solution. The outdoor atmosphere can lead to high damage and that’s why the upgrade is worth the cost.

The strength of building column must be considered

Consult a structural engineer and make sure that the building column id strong enough to hold the load of jib crane and the loading from the building. Especially for column mounted jib cranes including both cantilever and tie rod can lead to catastrophic failure due to high load.