The Top running Over Head Double Girder crane

The Top running Overhead Double Girder crane comes in two types of motor one is squirrel cage and another is Sloping Type Motor. Generally Sq. Cage’s motors used up to 20 ton with a span limitation of 15 to 18 meter. And above capacity crane generally to use sloping motors are suitable and advisable based on industry different application.

When you need fast and slow speed option in sq, cage then you must install vfd in control panel and in sloping you do not need to VFD option in panel to achieve desired fast and slow speed and all speed can be control via master control.

In above 50.0 Ton Double Girder crane even lifting hook design also changed as normally ‘C’ shank 360 degree freely rotate hook used but above 50.0 ton Ramsohorn type hook to be use that is advisable.


In normal cranes up to 40 ton wheel load also distribute even on 4 nos forged crane wheel but above capacity based on some time 8 nos wheel also to be used to distribute   wheel load  to equalizer same.

Above said mechanism can be fitted with Krishna brand eot crane.

Some additional and extra future can be in corporate like radio remote, hotter, dsl, warning device, flashing light, pilot light, crane light, illuminating work area light, travel limit switch switches as per application, rotary switch to select control, canopy for outdoor area, cable tray, magnet service, grab bucket service, thermal overload relays, MCCB or MCB, transformer etc. with IP 55 protected duly certified panel by govt. Authority.

All design of /EOT Crane must meet I.S. 3177 and I.S. 807 & other applicable / relevant standards with safety requirements.

On all crane basic information like capacity   mfg, year with mfg, name, span, lift must be marked and readable.

EOT Crane should not be used beyond rated capacity and when you go for a decision to buy eot crane you must keep in mind your regular load for lifting so it is better you must go bend req. Capacity looking to your budget and future needs.