Why FLAME PROOF WIRE ROPE HOIST essential for Business?


Flameproof wire rope hoist is also known as explosion proof wire rope hoist. This type of hoist is applicable where flammable gases, vapors and liquids are present and used to prevent any undesirable accident in your company. The crucial principle of flame proof encloses is that hazardous area is not eliminated from the electrical equipments and enclosure is not adequately strong to resist and prevent internal explosion. Currently, 80% companies are dealing with risky equipments and in the risky environment. As per stats say, approximately 70% injuries and fatality occurred in the absence of flame proof wire rope hoist.

There are a large number of manufacturers who provide an outstanding quality of flame proof wire rope hoist India. Even, there are a number of manufacturers who provide flame proof wire rope hoist Ahmedabad and Krishna crane is one of the leading companies.

Here are the Features of flame proof wire rope hoist

  • Voltage- 415 10% and other Voltage grade (220V- 660V) accessible on demand
  • Its temperature class is up to 14
  • Climate- 45c to 75c
  • CMRI/DGMS- Accepted as a standard feature
  • Installing- Horizontal Mounting foot mounting and others are provided as per requirement.
  • Extent of protection- IP-54-E80-E 13 2M, E225to E/EW135L (IP55- Frame E160L to E 200L)
  • Safeguarding- Class F as well as class ‘H’ is offered on request.
  • Persistence- 50 5%, 25 HZ to 60 HZ accessible on request.
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Easy to look after
  • Operate without bothering

Parts mentioned as per their working ability

  • Limit switches– This feature is helpful in a situation of over-hoisting or over lowering spark indicates appropriate for flame proof application.
  • Hook– Created steel as per IS: 3815 supported on forced bearing. Moreover, we provide hook: 15560 as per your need.
  • Rope drum– made from smooth pipes with grooves for suitable seating of wire rope.
  • Brakes– ACEM brakes offered for hoists and for cross traverse spark proofs suitable for flame proof application.
  • Trolley adjustments– Trolley simply adjustable for various beam sizes. And higher flange provided on request.
  • Bearings– strong and durable ball bearings of reputed make utilize on all rotating parts and it is greased covered.
  • Gear box-they are made from alloy steel materials and of spiral type which is properly hardened and tempered.
  • Flame proof whirling geared limit switch– This is used to outsmart motor supply in a case when moving loads reaches severe end of working zone.
  • Flame proof lever or weight controlled limit switch– this type of limit switch is made for operation in hazardous atmosphere where explosive gases or vapors are existing and prevent unwanted happenings.

Why you should choose Krishna crane?

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