What are the Advantages of Crane?

A) Durability

The Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) Crane is made of quality materials that last for long. The crane is made of steel as per I.S.2062 applicable code of conduct that makes strong and thus is able to withstand the high pressure of the heavy loads. It is also resistant to agents of corrosion such as water and acids and other chemicals making it suitable for use in processing companies. The outer yellow paint makes it beautiful as well as prevents it from corrosion. This makes crane more durable than conventional cranes.

B) Low dead weight

The dead weight of EOT crane is low compared to conventional cranes. Some cranes are made of too heavy material meaning that they can’t lift too heavy loads making them inefficient and uneconomical. EOT manufacturer uses light material to manufacture the crane making it very efficient. The crane is able to lift the heavy products in the industries in a very short time.

We have a qualify designed engineer and special raw material selection EOT crane design which give us full details about selection of material as per applicable of code of conduct and looking to customer different application.

C) Greater Floor Coverage

  1. The EOT crane has three motion X, Y AND Z which calls x calls up down motion.
  2. Y calls reverse forward and z calls long travel means EOT crane give Hoisting, Cross Travel and long travel motion.
  3. We offered Why EOT Cranes are demanded in Building Industry?

For indoor heavy lifting, EOT Cranes are considered the best. It is secured due to self travelling feature. The workers do not need to make a permanent arrangement for hoisting. The movement of the crane is above the ground level and does not capture the main area. The workers feel no interruption while doing job on floor. The cross travel and hoisting are the significant types of motions which are accelerated by powerful electric motors. The EOT crane is appropriate for heavy workshop, warehouses and medium work capacity. No engineer can ever think of constructing foundry, erection shop, heavy stores and machine shops without using EOT cranes. It is widely used in thermal power plant, rolling mill, steel plant, nuclear power plant and hydraulic power plant. Wherever heavy weight materials are required to handle, EOT finds its place instantly.

Wheels that run on rails unlike other types of cranes that have arms. The rail can be built across the length of the building and the hoist can move along the width of the building. This implies that it is able to cover longer distances, that is, it can lift the load at one end of the building and carry it to the other end. You can install a short or longer rail depending on the distance you need to cover. Having a longer rail removes the need of more cranes hence reducing transport and labor cost.

D) Easy and Effective handling

The crane is easy to operate, crane operators only need short training on how to operate EOT crane. The crane has a strong hook that holds the luggage well and safely. This reduces cases of loads falling which may result in spilling of liquids or damaging of goods causing losses to industries. The may also fall on workers resulting in injuries or even death.

E) Economical

The cost of EOT crane is low and affordable to many companies. The crane uses electrical power which is cheaper compared to heavy engine diesel that is used by cranes. This also means that it does not emit the heavy smoke associated with heavy machinery thus reducing environmental pollution. One crane can also do the work of several conventional cranes since it covers more distance. This reduces the transport cost of the industry and thus increasing profits.

EOT crane does not breakdown now and then like other cranes. This reduces the repair and maintenance cost and extends its operating life. Constant breakdowns also lead to massive losses that impact heavily on the industry operations. Fewer goods are produced and customers lose faith in your company. Casual laborers are not paid when the industry is not operating and some may seek other jobs. Purchasing an EOT crane cushions an industry from such problems.

Single Girder EOT Crane

This type of cranes is generally used for light or medium duty jobs and is economical compared to Double Girder cranes.

The single girder EOT crane consists of a main girder under, on which a hoist unit with trolley is moving on the lower flange. Two end carriages with wheels are fixed below the main girder at two ends. Both the end, carriages move on two parallel rails (with crane unit) across the entire bay. The rails are generally square bars, which are welded on the two parallel gantry girders. The single girder EOT crane can cover almost the entire shop area, for material lifting and shifting purposes.

The single girder EOT cranes are made as per BIS numbers 807 & 3177 (for crane) and IS 3938 (for hoist). We can provide optional accessories; like independent moving pendent, two speeds for each motion, soft start for long travel motion, radio remote control etc. S.Cranes can also make flameproof single girder EOT crane suitable for a hazardous area. In a flameproof type single girder EOT crane all the electrical items like motor, brake, panel, pendent, limit switch etc are procured only from CMRI approved manufacturers.

The single girder EOT cranes also referred as S G EOT cranes, find usage in almost all types of industries like Automobile, Cement, Fabrication shop, Engineering to name a few.

Double Girder EOT Cranes

This type of crane is usually used for a span more than 15 m, capacity 10 T or more and if the application is for a heavy duty. The main advantage of the double girder EOT crane is low down time & less loss of production; since it is possible to maintain the crane in a short time, using the full-length platform on the crane. This crane is made based on the BIS numbers 807 & 3177.

Other advantage of double girder type EOT crane is its great design flexibility. This type of crane can be accommodated in given space to attain maximum lift and hook approaches. Also double girder eot cranes can have very high speeds for the required job; using a cabin for controlling the operations. The double girder crane can be used with a magnet OR grabbing unit as per customer’s specifications.

In a flameproof crane all the electrical items like motor, brake, panel, pendent, limit switch etc are procured only from CMRI approved manufacturers.

Usually, these types of cranes are used in heavy fabrication shop, nuclear plant, and automobile, steel, cement & engineering sectors.

Advantages of EOT Cranes:

The EOT cranes give a long list of benefits to workers. The distinctive design of EOT cranes gives a chance to carry weighty items without problem. More than 100 tons of loads can be passed through these amazing cranes. The Single Beam EOT and the Double Beam EOT are the two important types of cranes. The cranes are strong and robust in nature. As the maintenance system of cranes is undemanding due to high quality structure and exclusive paint. These are rust-repellent and work efficiently in good and bad weather conditions. These second to none attributes have made the EOT crane as invincible piece of engineering. It is designed in a way to save the maximum space for routine tasks.

Basic Components

There are two fundamental components of EOT Cranes. These are.,

  1. Crab
  2. Bridge


The hoisting apparatus is used in Crab, which is fastened on a frame. It is fixed on four wheels structure and carries helpful machinery to navigate the crab around the basic crane bridge girders. Unnecessary to point out that crab wheel functions on rail structure, which is preset on the uppermost projection of central bridge.

There are three different motions of load hook. These are longitudinal travel of crane, hoisting and traverse cross of crab. All motions are managed separately by controllers which are located in control cage. Moreover, the movement can be managed by pendent chains as well.


There are two basic girders in Bridge. These are fixed and linked to an additional structural part, named as end carriage. The runners of wheels are mounted in carriages, which are responsible for longitudinal movement. The heavy rails are used to move the wheels over the ground area.

EOT cranes are world famous and highly demanded in construction industry. These cranes have given relief to workers by bearing the heavy load and transfer to other place in shortest span of time. The cranes are made to get the exclusive performance without any danger. It is a valuable and inexpensive way to complete the intricate tasks. Unlike other cranes, the body has power to hoist and balance the weight without creating underground fixed structure.

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