Wire Rope Hoists – The Specifications, Unique Features and Types

Hoists are used for lifting or lowering load by means of a drum or a lift wheel. A role is also necessary since it will fit around the lift wheel. At times it is also possible to chain wraps instead of a rope. This rope can manually operate; alternatively it can also be electrically driven. The load is ideally attached to the hoist using a lifting a hook. When it comes to using a hoist there are two very important characteristics that you should always remember and they are the lifting medium and the power type.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

The electric wire rope hoist can be either be a  monorail type of up to 15 ton capacity or a  Double Rail Trolley Type which has up to 100 ton capacity. In general the properties of an electric wire rope hoists are as those mentioned below however it may vary depending on capacity or type of hoist:

  • A hoist will generally be of fix suspension type.
  • They are compact in design and the safety level is usually quite high.
  • The hoist may be a hand push trolley type.
  • The hoist could be motor driven type as well.
  • They generally have a wide selection of operation speed.
  • The maintenance is usually easy since it is easy to access and the repair times are low.
  • The trolley can be adjusted for different flange width.

Picking the right wire rope hoist

There are several factors to consider when selecting a hoist. Each wire rope hoists be it electric or manual can have different specifications. Here are a list of popular specifications that matter the most.

  • The amount of lift required.
  • The speed of the lift is also one of the factors to consider. In general it could be either single speed, two speed or at times even variable speed.
  • The capacity of the hoist should be picked per the load that is to be lifted and care should be taken that you never exceed.
  • Besides the capacity in tones also make sure you know what you want to lift. For example there are special types of hoists available if toxic material is being lifted. Such hoists are called flame proof wire rope hoists which help in the prevention of fire or explosions when lifting highly volatile substances.
  • There is also a wire rope capacity chart to help make the wire rope selection easy.
  • At times even rail centers are used for a hoist. It pays to have the configuration prepared for a dual rail center.

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