The Top running Over Head Double Girder crane

High quality single girder crane and double girder crane The Top running Overhead Double Girder crane comes in two types of motor one is squirrel cage and another is Sloping Type Motor. Generally Sq. Cage’s motors used up to 20 ton with a span limitation of 15 to 18 meter. And above capacity crane generally to use sloping motors are suitable and advisable based [...]    Read More

High quality single girder EOT crane and double girder EOT crane

High quality single girder crane and double girder crane Generally, the single girder crane is used for lifting smaller capacities of 1 to 20 tons, while, the double girder crane is used for heavy load lifting capacities of more than 10 tons. Actually, these are both are convenient equipments for load lifting as per their capacities and decreases your efforts. Currently, there are a [...]    Read More

Good quality Electric winch jib crane manufacturers in India

Jib Crane The Electric winch jib crane is a part of electric chain hoists and generally used to push or pull trolleys moving on rails. The wires and motors of electric winches are especially designed to handle various weight loads. These kinds of winches are available in numerous sizes and shapes. There are a number of electric [...]    Read More

Why to Choose Krishna Crane Engineers for your Overhead Gantry Crane?

Double girder crane in India Gantry cranes are cranes similar to overhead cranes except the variation that these cranes run on ground tracks. These types of cranes are mainly used for heavy load moving from one place to another. They are available in single girder crane, double girder crane, double leg, single leg and cantilever style for both in outdoor [...]    Read More

How to choose an appropriate electric wire rope hoist?

Electric wire rope hoist A hoist is equipment which used for lifting loads from one place to another with the support of drum or lift-wheel having a rope around it. The load is connected to hoist by means of lifting hook. There are two types of hoists Manually operated hoist and Electric wire rope hoist. Electric wire rope hoist [...]    Read More

Single Girder Crane VS Double Girder Crane

Types of Single and Double Girder Cranes Provided by Krishna Crane Engineers Single Girder Crane VS Double Girder Crane Single Girder EOT Cranes are useful for short period of work application and low duty work while Double Girder EOT Cranes are useful for long period of work application and heavy-duty load. There are different types of Single and double girder cranes with various sizes and capacities. Special [...]    Read More


Gear Chain Pulley Blocks The hoisting block shall be a triple geared chain pulley block as per IS 3832. These blocks are used for jobs requiring robust, safe and high efficiency, Unique design of threaded load pressure-brake make these blocks completely self sustaining in all positions, whether moving   up or down. The spur gear reduction and ball bearings [...]    Read More

Services and features provided by manufacturers of double girder crane in India

Double girder crane in India for long time. Its capacity for lifting load is higher than single girder crane. These types of cranes are widely used by big industries to lift heavy load applied in the workshops. It is quite suitable where the requirement of crane to be fitted with walk-ways, crane lights, cabs, magnet cable reels and such unique [...]    Read More


Any electric wire rope is obviously a machine and so it is important to maintain and inspect them regularly and properly. Therefore, we understand when to change electric wire rope for good life span of a machine. Every company should keep periodically wire rope maintenance of it. There are many statutory or regulatory agencies, which [...]    Read More

Essential list of factors to take into consideration when using the wire rope hoist

All the organizations around the world are waking up to the fact that safety and security of all concerned are one of the most important factors in their firm. The statistics collected year after year show how work place safety and security are of utmost importance. This applied to several industries with a varying rate [...]    Read More
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