Short guide to Jib Cranes

Jib Crane There is much different type of cranes available each having a different application. The decision on which one to use needs to be based on the current requirements in terms of weight to be lifted and the space available to operate the crane. Just about all the engineering project will utilize a crane. With the [...]    Read More

What is single girder EOT Crane?

general drawing of single girder eot crane Definition of single girder EOT Crane? There is one single beam in single girder crane it appearance shows it is single girder crane. A single girder crane is used for light duty weight and short period work. It has 20 tons lifting capacity normally and can work maximum for 6 hours. Actually, it is most [...]    Read More

Basic Elements of Electric wire rope hoists

Basic Elements of Electric wire rope hoists A Electric wire rope hoist is a equipment use to lift heavy objects swiftly and safely. wire rope always rotate on moving pulley and forged steel hook as per IS: 3815 supported on thrust bearing. Forged hook is affixed to the end of the wire rope, and it is used to grapple onto an item [...]    Read More

Types of Overhead Cranes

overhead crane Gantry Cranes This section specifies the kind of equipment you require. Overhead cranes come in four basic configurations: Top Running (T/R) – The crane bridge travels on top of rails mounted on a runway beam supported by either the building columns or columns specifically engineered for the crane. Under Running (U/R) – The crane bridge travels on the bottom [...]    Read More

Advantages of an EOT Crane

Double girder crane Industries and businesses dealing in heavy cargo require cranes to lift their cargo. The cranes lift the loads from the factory and load them onto the Lorries that transport them to the warehouses or where they are ordered. They also lift luggage from one part of the factory to the other. The crane should be [...]    Read More

Things to consider while choosing top flameproof wire rope hoist manufacturer in India

electric wire rope hoist manufacturers Flameproof wire rope hoists are special hosts which are generally used to prevent a disaster happening in big industries or factories. These hoists are popular heavy load lifting which is usually attached to a crane or any other lifting tool. There are a number of electric wire rope hoist manufacturers in India who provide high-quality [...]    Read More

How to select the best jib crane manufacturer in India?

High quality single girder crane and double girder crane Today, a large number of industries require various types of cranes such as jib cranes, EOT cranes and HOT cranes to accomplish their task effortlessly. Jib cranes are small and medium sized types of lifting tools which are highly versatile and suitable for many industries, factories, and other places. All above kinds of cranes are [...]    Read More

What are the Advantages of Crane?

Electric wire Rope Hoist A) Durability The Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) Crane is made of quality materials that last for long. The crane is made of steel as per I.S.2062 applicable code of conduct that makes strong and thus is able to withstand the high pressure of the heavy loads. It is also resistant to agents of corrosion such [...]    Read More
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